It's a pleasure.

You're better able to do it than I am.

There's nowhere left to sit.

The boy doesn't know how to behave.

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Lindsey spent the whole day working on his French pronunciation.

That's sort of sweet.

The basement was pitch black.


Don't smoke so much.

Money talks.

I believe in you.

It's not over until the fat lady sings.

I was disgusted.

You're so very serious.

Remember me to your family.

The national Brukenthal Museum is the first museum that opened officially in Romania.

I have some news for you.

What are the conditions?

Even if that restaurant did very tasty food, I wouldn't like to eat there.


My car is now being repaired.

You're way too good for Al.

Don't put words in my mouth that I haven't said.


I tried to keep from laughing.

Lars gently hugged Stanislaw.

He seemed to have been working for a long time.


I told you that I would never give up.

Just get out.

They opened up their wedding album and had a little stroll down memory lane.


We must work up a reputation.

Eliot is addicted to watching anime.

I washed the dishes after I'd eaten dinner.

The parents are listening.

Hold on.

He doesn't seem to be aware of the problems.

My dream is to lead a quiet life in the country.

Japanese is a quantum language. It is to languages what quantum physic is to physics.

Manavendra has always been messy.

Mott wanted the truth.

Maybe I shouldn't drive home.


I can't bear the pain anymore.

It just doesn't make sense.

I don't think we should be talking about this here.

I cried my eyes out.

He left the office without saying a word to anyone.

I wish I had a magic wand.

She was young and foolish.

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When the letter arrived, I opened it.

Her name then was Agnes.

Stephan always leaves dirty dishes in the sink.

Was that how it happened?

Don't look so fiercely at me.

She put on socks.

Jagath is in the bathroom.

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It was quite spectacular.

Do you put sugar in your tea?

Why are you burying these books?


One of the gentlemen who were present addressed the pupils.

Three offices on this floor are empty.

I'll be present.

Amedeo has a large gun collection.

I'm not sure this is the time.

Doug's parents are dead.

It has keen eyesight, good ear and acute sense of smell.

He is, on the whole, a satisfactory student.

I'd never leave my house in slippers.

Jisheng seemed like a nice guy at first.

My grandfather was killed in World War II.

We've just had dinner.

The ship carried hundreds of emigrants to the US.

Who told you to come here?

Rathnakumar and Wendell named their son after the doctor who delivered him.


Every dog is alive.

The movie was a real tear-jerker.

Of all good properties, God is the entity that has the most of it. Existence is a good property. Hence, God is the entity that is the most existent of all.


You can talk until you're blue in the face, but you'll never convince me.


Vladislav started to practice every day.

She is a Wiccan.

Nothing could be more useful than a copying machine.

How much effort does it take to get your first job?

We finally arrived in England.


You got what you wanted, now leave me alone.


If you want to get out of here alive, listen to me.

A square has four sides.

I bet you didn't see that coming.


Jay isn't even interested in baseball.

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I would like to leave this girl with you.


Kim couldn't find Nils's house.

The only thing he did before he briskly went on ahead was give us a map. The remainder of us could only rely on the map to figure out where to go.

I lost everything I had so painstakingly collected over the years.

Jill saw the movie with Ken.

Do you have any idea what killed Charley?


Unfortunately, a Japanese dub of the film is not included on this DVD, but at least there are Japanese subtitles.

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I need to have my head examined.

You're not thinking clearly.

Barney didn't seem to be interested in what was going on.

I can't believe you actually did that.

The lengthy peace hid the early signs of an explosion.

I drink 1.7 liters of water each day.

Make your bed!


We don't have that information.

We'll need to ask Louis what he thinks.

I can bear witness to his innocence.

There was a lot of snow.

There are about seven billion people in the world.


Narendra and Hsi don't talk to each other.

The boy is totally dependent on his parents.

She should be charged with murder.


Sorry, something went wrong.


You've lied to us before.

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Hey, you can't sleep there.

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She had bruises all over her body.

What kind of brain donor do you think Rajendra is?

You can't see the forest for the trees.

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He only drinks water from my small jar.

Does Tatoeba really help translators?

We'll read this book until the end of the year.


Joyce crashed into a tree.


Finding one's way around Nagoya is very simple. All you do is look at the signs.

Nate closed the door behind himself.

My mother's sister's husband is my uncle.


They sat under a tree.

I want to buy the same watch as Jack has.

Our teacher is really stubborn, or not?

Allow me to go.

Ricardo wondered what happened to Nancy.


They left the movie early.

How long can you hold your breath?

I thought you might want to read this.


Dorothy mounted his horse.

I just can't deal with that now.

Mitchell seemed to be worried about me.

It has started raining.

She had no one to turn to.

You're inflexible.

They disposed of the old car.


What was your first tattoo?

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The street is too narrow for lorries.


Doyle carefully cut the fabric with a pair of scissors.

He was regarded as a hero for saving his friend's life.

Jeannette would tell me if there were a problem, wouldn't he?


No Smoking!

I was preparing to finish my report when my boss asked me to explain all of the project's details again.

I'm related to Ami.

Thank you for inviting us to dinner.

That is the same umbrella as I found on the bus.

I think we could've done more.

My job is to forgive you, which I do.

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Lewis always works a lot.

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Cristi earns his living as a street musician.

It's less than three hours from here.

He suggested I go with him to the party.

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He is slowly recovering from his illness.

I slept the rest of the day.

I can't stand him.

The old woman is busy in the garden.

I thought you didn't have secrets from Vincenzo.

I don't want to take advantage of anyone.

Both Laurel and Carl are award-winning journalists.

Many words are acquired through reading.

Masanao left a message.


According to the weather forecast, it will clear up tomorrow.